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Perkie’s Observations: Liesl Commiserates with Britt About Her Bleak Prognosis

General Hospital Recap for November 23, 2022
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Kathleen Gati and Kelly Thiebaud

Kathleen Gati and Kelly Thiebaud

On today’s General Hospital recap: Drew gets a call from his contacts that Harmony's cult colony has disappeared into the wind. Sonny overhears and Drew tells him that he's looking for Willow's biological mother. Sonny doesn't understand why Michael came to Drew and not him for resources.

Sonny brings up that he knows that Drew and Carly are a thing but have to be discreet. He says Drew is not a threat to him and he's happy for them. Sonny claims he only wants what's best for Carly.

Carly confronts Nina about causing trouble with Millow. Nina says she apologized to Willow and was worried about Wylie. Carly calls Nina a homewrecker and the two argue back and forth. Drew and Sonny arrive in time to stop things from escalating.

Drew's search for Willow's bio mother comes up, which surprises Carly who says she'll help him look.

Dante questions Chase about the recommendation letter that Brook Lynn was supposed to write on his behalf for the review board. Dante says the meeting is next week, and Chase wonders if Brook Lynn never planned on sending the letter.

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Linc offers Brook Lynn her songbook back in turn for singing his praises in any interview that she gives. He says otherwise she'll look like a traitor or sellout who only cares about herself. Brook Lynn agrees to Linc's condition.

Britt tells Liesl that her symptoms have started and are here to stay. She explains how she was examined by Dr Talone and she's in stage 3. Britt tells her mother that she could need assistive care as early as eighteen months. The two share a tearful hug. Liesl blames herself for getting involved with Faison which caused Britt to inherit the disease. She says they need to fight back but Britt tells her to go be with Scott, that she needs to be alone.

Valentin runs into Martin at the docks . Martin blames Anna but Valentin says she's been framed. Valentin says Victor is the one behind it but Martin accuses Valentin of being biased. Martin says until they find a body, he's trying to keep hope but it's difficult and makes a comment about the single shot. Valentin says there were two shots and wonders why there was only one casing found from Anna's gun . He thinks that's how he'll prove Anna didn't do it.

Diane joins Robert for a drink and spots the handcuffed briefcase. Robert tells her about the ice princess. Holly spots them and updates Victor before joining them. Victor's minion comes by and hands off a vial of powder to Holly. When Holly returns to the table, she exchanges the salt shaker for one with the powder. Robert takes a shot of tequila and a lick of the "salt'.

Robert briefly passes out but when he wakes up, Holly offers to take him to his room to sleep it off. Robert says he's waiting for the WSB contact to take the briefcase away. Holly asks Diane to wait for the agent and to send him to Robert's room. Later, Diane is shocked when Robert stumbles out of the elevator, minus the briefcase. Meanwhile, Holly has the necklace.

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