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Days of Our Lives Recap: Nicole Paints a Grim Picture of Single Motherhood For Jada

Days of Our Lives Recap for November 25, 2022
Nicole Walker, Days of Our Lives

Arianne Zucker

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap:

Cliffside: EJ struggles with his emotions, and paces back and forth at the accident site. He drinks from a flask alone and silent. After dark, Rafe arrives and explains he still wants a statement, so EJ gives him a quick summary of what happened at the airstrip.

Rafe sits next to EJ to try to get to the truth and EJ offers him a drink. Rafe takes it and the two commiserate about Nicole and Eric. Rafe makes a comment that things are already off to a rocky start, but a phone call interrupts their revery. EJ agrees to go to the police station tomorrow.

Black's: Eric stops by and notices the Marlena doll. She explains she was thinking about Susan. Eric tells Marlena he's going to be a dad and she's hesitantly happy for him. Eric explains why his situation is soooo complicated. Marlena encourages Eric to talk with Nicole honestly.

Jada's: Nicole pops in to talk about what she overheard the day before. Jada wonders why she left without saying anything. Nicole says she didn't want to interfere with a heartwarming moment...OR remind anyone that Eric dumped her (Jada) a few days ago to be with her. (I love bitchy, messy Nicole.)

Jada gets angry with Nicole. She tells her she's only co-parenting with Eric and doesn't care to hear what she has to say. Nicole tries to soften her approach, but Jada tells her to shut up and take her issues to Eric. Jada says her fake sympathy is making it worse. Jada runs down her quick history in Salem, which makes Nicole question why she wants to keep the baby. 

Jada tells Nicole she didn't ask for her perspective on being a single mother. Nicole says she wishes someone had given her the truth about how hard it really is. Nicole keeps pushing until Jada angrily tells her to "GET OUT!" 

Roach Motel: Maggie stops by to drop off Thanksgiving leftovers. Sarah says Xander was down in the dumps all day, but is walking it off. Maggie tells Sarah the only lead the police have is a musclebound man in a clown mask and blue business suit.

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Sarah's expression changes as she eyes a suit from across the room, and shows Maggie. Maggie's not sure of Sarah's suspicions. Sarah explains why she thinks Xander may be guilty. Maggie tells Sarah to trust her husband unless she can prove otherwise.

Horton's: Gwen assures Xander she's alone. He says he feels like his life's spinning out of control. Xander tells Gwen everything that happened with Ava's scheme and how it all fell apart. He explains how Ava was talking to the walls in the crypt before she ordered him to kill Susan. Gwen tries to assure Xander it wasn't his fault, but he adamantly disagrees. Xander expresses his guilt over everything he did to Susan. Gwen realizes Sarah doesn't know and assures him she will keep quiet.

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-At the Salem PD, Jada notices Rafe ditched his wedding ring. He explains that he and Nicole are headed for divorce court. Jada admits to Rafe she's not sure she can keep the baby.

-Eric catches up with Nicole in Horton Square. He tells Nicole about Jada and swears it won't change anything. He optimistically hugs Nicole, who's not feeling all that warm and fuzzy.

-Xander returns and Sarah suggests they talk about his blue suit over Thanksgiving scraps.

-Marlena hears a thud while reading on the sofa. When she looks up, she sees the Marlena doll mysteriously fell off the mantle. 

-Drunk EJ's about to leave the cliff when he hears rustling noises in the brush behind him.

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