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Who Will Take Home The Streamy, Buppies' Tatyana Ali or Venice's Crystal Chappell?

It's the battle of the daytime divas as Guiding Light alum/Days of Our Lives superstar Crystal Chappell faces off against The Young and the Restless beauty Tatyana Ali at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards this weekend. Both women are nominated for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series. Chappell is nominated for her work as damaged-yet-passionate lesbian hotel designer Gina inVenice ,whileAli is being recognized for her turn as Quincy, a black Hollywood princess having the worst birthday ever in's sensational premiere web soap Buppies.Rounding out the nominees are Zoe Bell (Angel of Death), Rachael Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me) and Sophie Tilson (OzGirl).


As much as I love La Chappell, Ali killed me as Quincy confronted not only her dog of an ex and his new galpal, but a myriad of brilliantly-interwoven dramas experienced by her circle of SoCal friends, all going through respective, mocha, quarterlife crises during Buppies smart, well-crafted 10-episode run. Quinci coming undone was some of the best scripted material for a web soap actress I've witnessed since I began covering this genre, so as hard as it is to pick between them, I have to go with my little Ashley Banks over my Katerina this time, but what about you guys?

Who do you think will take home the Streamy on Sunday?  

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