Y&R’s Lily Takes Cancer Fight Into Her Own Hands

On today’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Lily (Christel Khalil) took her battle with cancer into her own hands, snipping off her long hair before having Cane (Daniel Goddard) buzz her head. The scenes between Lane were quite touching. See more images of Lily having her head shaved after the jump.

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    This reminds me of Elizabeth Hubbard who was willing to cut off her real hair on camera when Lucinda had cancer a few years ago. But… TPTB didn’t want that.

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    It is a wig that she has on.

    Cane/Lily are back to being a snorefest! I wish they would go back to Austraila and live happily ever after LOL.

    I remember when Leslie Kay shaved her head on screen for her cancer storyline on B&B. It was very powerful. Having Lily shave off a wig…ummm whatever.

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    It’s not even the storyline that makes me hate this Lily. I’ve hated this Lily since Dru came back from Paris. She sucks. Always has, always will. The in-between Lily was soooo much better. She had better chemistry with Daniel and she had better chemistry with Neil. This Lily is just plain awful. Bring back the in-between Lily.

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    Touching? Compared to Lesli Kay’s storyline on B&B back in 2005, this was not well written. It’s just that you should care … but as a secondary storyline this is written, I just don’t.

    And it’s a wig. You can see it and like the little boy on OLTL … it just makes you care less.

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    Khalil is awful. I can’t stand her portrayal of Lily, which makes this story fast-forward material (except I watch it “live”). Cane is nauseating when he’s with her. These scenes were just so ridiculous. Ugh.

    I know it’s mean, but I hope the cancer finishes her off!

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    AMEN! Davetta Sherwood was 100 times better than this cardboard Lily. That is the reason that I really don’t care for any Lily storyline. I’d rather see the Lily with some soul like her Mama!

    Oh, this is my first time posting. Hi everyone!

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    Her wig and skull cap were glaringly obvious. I think that it would have had a better effect if the actress had cut off her own hair a la Demi Moore. Heck, an a guest actress on Cold Case cut off her hair for an episode’s worth…way shorter than this storyline will be.

    The scene was meh for me.

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    If Y&R wants to make some cut backs, start with these two and send them off on a looooooong second honeymoon overseas.

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    People keep saying how great Davetta Sherwood was as Lily. She was NOT all that and her acting skills were not the best. I would take this Lily over her any day of the week. I think Davetta was better suited on girlfriends or the game but not Y&R.

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    I think that maybe it’s just the storylines that are making people dislike Lily? I remember DS in the Lily role, and I don’t remember thinking she was a particularly good actress, even though she did look a lot more like Dru’s daughter than CK.

    Also, the cancer story is just not written too well and moving too fast. I don’t know what kind of health care she has, but I want it! Surgery the SAME DAY you find out you have cancer? Wow.

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    Davetta was a good actress but she was not Lily. As soon as she opened her mouth, it was obvious that she was not someone who had grown up in Paris or in upper middle class prep school America. Had she changed her accent, she would have been more convincing.

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    reggyreg WTF…lol I think our 95% agreement has shrunk to 90%. You didn’t like Davetta Sherwood? That surprises me. I don’t know many that didn’t like her portrayal.

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    Arielade and Josstheguy,

    You hit the nail on the head! DS was not as polished although she did act like she could be Dru’s daughter but it was Christel Khalil’s role first. It is hard to do a better job than the original actor. Just ask Michael Muhney (Although he is doing well in the role).

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    Oh me. I know I am really supposed to care about this storyline, but CBS can do cancer a LOT better. Lesli Kay, Kim Zimmer, Elizabeth Hubbard? But, this girl is just, ugh.

    Personally, I really like Davetta Sherwood better. I remember those scenes when Neil found out she wasn’t his daughter. She had her moments, and in general she had a lot more charisma than CK. But, apparently in Y&R’s eyes, CK is their favorite, although my dog is more exciting than she is :(

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    There was no reason for Lily to shave off her REAL hair for her job. No way in hell would I shave my own hair off to play a role.

    So what if Lesli Kay shaved her real hair – Lesli’s hair was short anyway. And Elizabeth Hubbard was probably losing her real hair because of her real cancer treatment.

    And I’m willing to bet my last paycheck that Davetta Sherwood would not have shaved her hair off either.

    That’s just stupid.

    On another note: Davetta Sherwood was horrible. The only thing she did well was telling people off and giving the stereotypical attitude. She couldn’t play shades of anything. CK has much more range. The only thing she doesn’t have down pat is the neck-rolling, eye-rolling cartoon that people associate with my black woman-ness. But don’t get me started.

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    Elizabeth Hubbard was probably losing her real hair because of her real cancer treatment.

    Elizabeth Hubbard had cancer? I know Colleen Zenk Pinter has cancer but I don’t recall Elizabeth having it in real life.

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    I’m not sure I understand why we need another stereotypical balck woman on screen. Black women come in all shades and tempraments, so to judge CK’s portrayal of Lily against DS is wrong. I love Victoria Rowell and given the backstory that was written for Dru, I could definately get the “street smart sister” with an attitude. It fit her character as someone who was bounced around a lot in the foster care system. I agree with whoever said that CK brings the daughter raised in Paris going to the best schools into her character. Sorry, but true to her character, CK looks like and I would venture a guess that she did in fact attend very good schools. This Lily is poised and polished as she should be given the characters upbringing. I also agree that she could definately use a bit of sandpaper around the edges though, because she coems off as too much of a one deminsional goody goody.

    I thought the CAne/Lily scenes were sweet today, and I wouldn’t cut my hair off for this s/l either,so even though it was a bad wig they cut up, I like the thought behind it.

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    If she wasn’t going to cut her hair for real then what was the point of the scene. What’s dramatic or interesting about seeing someone cut into a wig, especially, when it’s a bad wig?

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    My mom started watching to show again around the same time DS started (yeah i know bad time), and when my mom saw her she said ‘What? When did Neil and Dru adopt a girl from the Bronx? How noble!’ Then I had to explain that DEVON was adopted and DS was playing Lily…LOL…DS was cute with Daniel, but the character during her tenure did not interact with other core families. Lily is now more integrated in society, which is what all the members of the Winters family needs.

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    I liked DS as Lily, but she is not comparable to CKH. She was fine, had a more sexual chemistry with Daniel, but she was a bit too one-note. It’s one thing to have attitude, but attitude without meaning, reason for being is just plain stupidity. CKH does subtlety very well and she does emotion very well as well; the scenes where she asks Neil to make it all okay at the hospital, where she reverts back to being a little girl who is scared and needs her daddy to make it alright…those were powerful scenes. CKH and KSJ have amazing chemistry.

    DS was fine playing Lily for the time CKH was away, but she couldn’t have pulled her weight the way CKH has with this storyline.

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    Has any woman on daytime done it for real other than Lesli Kay? I think LK is one of the bravest chicks in daytime to do what she did and her cancer storyline performance on B&B is simply mind blowing! Its hard to comprehand how she didn’t win another emmy for her 2006 s/l. With the way Brad Bell is wasting her…it’s no wonder she’s alway no 1 on Nelson Branco’s TV Guide “Top 3 Biggest Wastes of Talent” list

    You guys have to check her out on youtube. Go to the link below and search for everything “FELICIA”…you won’t regret it


    for more great stuff search for “B&B April 24 and 25th scenes” from the link below:


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    LOL *shaking my head* at the people who think ck should shave her real hair, this is no movie role where she is getting millions to play a cancer story to even think of cutting her real hair…people need to get real….also the same tired argument about DS better lily than CK over and over it just become so meaningless. CK and Lane is doing a fantastic job with this story .

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    Authenticity? For the black women (or those others who understand African-American culture) reading this, do you think that Y&R should have addressed the issue of Lily cutting her hair in terms of African-American culture? Wouldn’t it have been more authentic for Lily to have addressed her hair loss through the lens of her African-American culture?

    Weaves, relaxers, hot combs, etc., many African-American women invest much energy and emotion to their. As I watched the scene, and knowing the texture of Khalil’s hair, I kept thinking that something was missing here.
    I grew up listening to my African-American mother, aunts, and grandmothers, who came in all shades, paler or darker than Lily, talk about their hair. So, the scene seemed off.

    If Y&R had an African-American person or a non-black person who understood African-American culture on the writing team, might the scene played out differently?

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    AlistarCrane Hilarious…Lily = EggHead…ROTFLMAO

    Josstheguy…a black writer would help this show a great deal!

    I guess CK got her friends out today on the boards. I haven’t seen this much CK support in a while. LOL

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    Do you think that Y&R should have addressed the issue of Lily cutting her hair in terms of African-American culture? Wouldn’t it have been more authentic for Lily to have addressed her hair loss through the lens of her African-American culture?

    YES! YES! YES!

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    I prefer DS because she reminded me of someone who could be Dru’s daughter. CK portrays a refined woman raised in Paris very well, but she is nothing like Dru. I want to see the same fire and spunk that Dru had. And yes…I understand her upbringing was different…but Lily was raised by Dru. So even in a different environment, Dru’s personality should rub off.

    My mom was raised in the South, and I was raised in CA…but I act just like her. That’s what I don’t get from CK and what I miss in DS.

    I’m not invested in this storyline anyway because it is all about Lane, and I am not a Lane fan. The cancer is secondary to Lane finding each other again….GAG! They bore me.

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    I think Olivia’s hair is her own. She was styled very poorly from hairstyle to clothes.

    As for Tyra’s wig. It was just wrong, wrong, wrong. I don’t understand why they didn’t just use Marcelle’s natural hair.
    But, Tyra’s on the bus to her aunt’s house…

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    I guess one of the things that rings false about the handling of the Lane storyline is the total absence of any discussion of race. That just seems phony. All of the interracial couples I know, black/white, white/Asian, black/Mexican, or white/Mexican discuss race.

    I think the show missed a great opportunity for Lily to connect to her African-American fans.

    Colorblind casting is great but colorblind writing in our society is stupid.

    Did anyone see Hancock? The Will Smith & Charlize Theron superhero film? Smith & Charlize played immortal lovers.
    At one point in the 1920s, they settled down in Florida (!!!) to lead a normal life. Smith is attacked and loses his memory. At no point does the script address the elephant in the room. Why the hell would an interracial couple settle down in the racist society of 1920s Florida? Wouldn’t racism be the expected norm? Wasn’t an interracial relationship illegal at the time in the South?

    It’s not that I want Cane to say something corny like call Lily brown sugar or chocolate drop, but even saying something like “I love your brown skin” as he sexily licks her skin might not be bad (as long as it’s not objectification). Why not go there? Why not have fun with it?

    Maybe I’m thinking of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton. Thicke celebrates his African-American wife in all of his music and has spoken about the racism she faces as an actress in Hollywood. He also discusses his place as a white man working in a predominately African-American music genre.

    I guess, I’d like more realism from both Lily and Cane.

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    josstheguy you are hitting the nail right on the head.

    I think it is glaring that Neil or no one has said to Lily why don’t you date a black guy. Especially after all the trouble she has had with Kevin, Daniel, Billy, and now Cane. No one has said anything about her dating white guys. Before anyone stones me for saying this I am not saying this to be racist or anything but I think it would make it more realistic seeing people in genoa city address the interracial dating. Well not the people I mean if anything the parents. I would have imagined that Dru or Neil would have addressed this with Lily. I think this is where a black writer could/would have helped this story. Whether we want to admit it or not this is something that would have been discussed in a black household. It doesn’t have to be made into another big social issue on interracial dating but just a mention would make sense especially after Lily’s shaky history with the men she has dated and married.

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    Did anyone see Hancock? The Will Smith & Charlize Theron superhero film? Smith & Charlize played immortal lovers.

    Oh God! Please don’t mention that movie. I hated the twist. The real interracial couple that should have been the focus of the movie should have been Will Smith and Jason Bateman. Not in a homoerotic way but as a true friendship. The thing with the wife ruined it for me. Anyway, I can’t remember exactly but isn’t it implied that the reason he got beat up was because he was with a white woman or was it just left to the audience to figure out?

    It’s not that I want Cane to say something corny like call Lily brown sugar or chocolate drop, but even saying something like “I love your brown skin” as he sexily licks her skin might not be bad (as long as it objectification). Why not go there? Why not have fun with it?

    Watch it! This ain’t Cinemax.:P All joking aside I completely agree.

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    Paula Patton is so pretty, she should be on a soap.

    Wait, so now they are back together? Y&R sure moves fast. blech, I don’t like the coupling and I don’t like this Lily.

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    WOW!..just awesome, these two are a pleasure to watch they play off of each so well.Cane the loving husband and lily his lovely cancer sick wife,CK pull this off like the pro she is.She is beautiful with or without hair,it takes a strong actress to play a part where she is going to be bald and still get all this buzz.Kudos CK and DG it seems you have made your fans proud to support both of you and the fantastic acting job that you both are playing.

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    I think if Olivia said something flippantly like, “Lily, maybe you need to give a brotha a chance? I’m just kidding but…”

    It’s all about subtlety.

    Over all, I LOVE Lane. They have been the high point of the dreck.

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    Josstheguy yeah I agree. Something subtle would do it for me. It doesn’t have to be a big scene just someone needs to play that beat.

    Now you lost me with the Lane love. Never have been a fan, they had began to make me like them after all that stuff went down with Cane and then Lily found out she had cancer, but quickly they are back to doing nothing for me. I could do without them. I have truly never understood the appeal of this coupling.

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    I thought CK/Lily is playing her cancer s/l on point. She is going through all the emotions of a recently diagnosed cancer patient. The crying in the beginning, the disbelief and the H$ll no emotion that the cancer isn’t going takes charge of her life. I thought today’s scene showed that dynamic of- I am going take charge of something that the cancer wants to take. Thus the shaving of her head on her own terms. CK/Lily emotions in her s/l are on point. How CK/Lily is playing her current s/l is very relatable to me. I think I can be bold to say that a great number of people find her s/l relatable as well. I’m glad that we have a number of soap critics given ck/lily her props so CK–keep on rocking your s/l. We are watching…

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    CK and DG were amazing today. Their scenes were very sweet and heartfelt. Love Lane.

    Wig or not, who cares. Have you seen the pacing for this show lately? Why would the actress shave off her real hair when more than likely she’ll be cancer free before months end. Kudos to the other actresses in daytime who did. I certainly wouldn’t on the show the way it is now. A plot point overload.

    I can’t believe people are still comparing DS to CK. I personally love CK as Lily. I was so glad she came back. DS did nothing for me and she wasn’t that great of an actress. Desent but not great.

    Anyway, CK did the damn thing today. She still looks beautiful even with a bald head. Keep up the good work girl.

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    The writing on this show is subpar and production isn’t much better so kudos to CKH and DG for making this SL work. Lane is the only thing worth watching on this sinking ship of a show.

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    I like Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard. I think they make a great pair.

    Again, when Y&R’s writing started going off the rails shortly after Phillip’s return, the best storyline quickly became Lily’s cancer story. There are parts that aren’t great but in comparison to …

    1) Quad of Blah on the Merry-Go-Round of Yuck (I’m just sick of Phick/Shick/Shack. Hmm…Maybe Nack would be interesting? Nah, Jack was Nick’s stepfather. Not down with the incest.

    2) Wasted Return of Phillip (Thom Bierdz may have been a little rusty but the writing he was given was illogical and filled with horrible dialogue. Bierdz and the audience deserved better.

    3) Tyra & Devon

    4) Rape-a-go-go: Amber and Jack in a two-week span was a bit much

    5) Silver Chipmunk? They shoot horses, why not chipmunks??

    6) Reliquary Pt 2: The Great Toroni Heist!

    (Stop! Not another damn word against LML’s reliquary story. That was golden in comparison to the this crud. I’d rather see GI Joe Brad Carlton kicking Nazi butt and celebrating his Jewish identity than stupid frame ups of the Scooby Gang.)

    7) Exile of the Winters to the Genoa City 1 day a month ghetto

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    “It’s not that I want Cane to say something corny like call Lily brown sugar or chocolate drop, but even saying something like “I love your brown skin” as he sexily licks her skin might not be bad (as long as it’s not objectification). Why not go there? Why not have fun with it?”

    Um…ew. If a guy I was with told me he loved my ‘brown skin’, I’d look at him like he was crazy! Tell me you love my skin, the even tone but don’t tell me you like my ‘brown skin’. Even if he was black, that is putting an emphasis on it that doesn’t need to be there. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to tell him ‘I love your (insert color) skin too’ LOL.

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    I see the list you have made put I want to point out a couple things.

    1) Amber situation was not rape. She had a choice and she made the decision to sleep with Deacon. Sorry but it wasn’t rape.

    2) That LML reliquary mess was a disaster and stupid. I originally wasn’t a fan of this Reliquary Pt. 2 but I have to be honest. The introduction of Deacon Sharpe into it has spiced it up.

    3) I know people have been saying when Philip returned is when they noticed a change in the writing, but i have to say I liked the story but the major problem for me was Thom Bierdz acting. Against powerhouses like Tricia Cast, Jess Walton, and Jeanne Cooper he fell flat. He through that storyline off. Everyone else in that story has been doing a great job including Cane, Lily, Neil, Chloe, Esther, and Murphy. I even liked the introduction of Chance. (I know some didn’t like the way he just came in and was kind of like Yes sir to his father and stuff but I understood it.) I will say Thom Bierdz has improved slightly. Lily’s cancer storyline was a bright spot for a couple of weeks but her going back and forgiving Cane so fast is just a little absurd to me.

    4) I know most are on the dislike Y&R bandwangon right now but I have to say it isn’t that bad to me. Is there room for improvement? Heck yes. MAB and Co. are making it a lot harder for me to defend them with that Tyra and Devon stuff, but overrall I am enjoying the show. There are lots of bright spots on the show for me. Mac/Billy/Chloe/Chance quad I actually like, Gaslighting storyline I have liked from the beginning, Tricia Cast returning as Nina has been PHENOMENAL, Paul/Nikki/Victor/Ashley stuff has been good, Vail Bloom has improved a great deal as Heather and has been bringing it, Neil taking charge of his family ( I know some say it’s creepy how protective he is over Lily but it makes sense to me) and Mary Jane business I am enjoying it a great deal. Yes there has been a lot more turkey of plot points in the last couple months but it isn’t as bad as some are claiming in my opinion.

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    Our 95% was reduced to 90%? Let’s get that percentage back up..lol. You know we are “here” in our posts. I agree with absolutely MOST everything you say. But I can’t agree with you on Davetta Sherwood. She is not my Lily. The current Lily is more versatile and seems to bring subtle nuances to the show. I am sure Davetta is capable in another venue, but playing Lily..NO, I don’t think so. It would have been interesting to see her paired with Cane. How do you think that would have gone over?

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    You have lost me with CK’s Lily LOL!!! I don’t know if we can get back up to 90%.

    As I’ve said before CK didn’t bother me during her first run on Y&R. She was good as a juvenile but after seeing DS come in and go toe to toe with Victoria Rowell and Kristoff St. John she sold me. She had great chemistry with MG’s Daniel. Her friendship with AL’s Colleen reflected a great best friend relationship. She just did it for me. I know some say she was ghetto or whatever. Not really sure what that means but she had an authentic feel to her. She was a natural. Like VR said in her interview with Daytime Confidential you can’t teach what she had. It was authentic and based off of life experiences. I know people will argue that Lily grew up in Paris but if folks remember correctly Lily grew up mostly in Genoa City and then once Dru left (and went to Paris)the campus she spent time between both Neil and Dru. Once CK came back in the role I just felt she was missing that grown up feel to the role. She was just a whining nagging teenager even though she was a young adult now. Now don’t get me wrong I think CK is an ok actress. She does alright for me. She is capable of handling the role of Lily. I just preferred Davetta Sherwood’s Lily over her.

    My best friend and I don’t agree on Cane and Lily. My best friend absolutely adores them. She loves them and we discuss all the time why I can’t get into that couple LOL.

  43. Profile photo of miss_c

    Also, I don’t think CK should have cut off her hair for the cancer storyline. No one said anything when Austin Williams got a buzz cut on his wig for his story line. I just think they could have gotten her a better wig. That’s not CK’s fault, that’s production.

  44. Profile photo of solafidex

    Touching? Try contrived!!! IMO, if you’re going to do a cancer storyline you owe it to the victims of cancer to, at the very least, SHAVE YOUR HEAD! I haven’t felt the burden of disbelief this much since Kate Roberts had her “cancer” and a full head of glossy frosted hair on Days.

  45. Profile photo of season1217

    … if you’re going to do a cancer storyline you owe it to the victims of cancer to, at the very least, SHAVE YOUR HEAD!

    I don’t think Christel cutting her hair is a slight to cancer patients. They have more important things to deal with. When Izzie got cancer on Grey’s Anatomy Katherine Heigl didn’t cut her hair. My issue is why SHOW Lily cutting her hair if she really wasn’t going to cut her hair. There is no real sense of loss because we didn’t see the actress lose anything. Again, I make reference to Izzie’s cancer on Grey’s. We never saw Izzie shave her hair off and I believe it was because there was no point in showing it if it was only going to be a wig that was being cut.

  46. Profile photo of reggyreg


    I agree with your take on this issue. If she really wanted to cut her hair for the storyline then they should show her getting her hair cut. If not, they could have just implied that she cut her hair. I also agree CK shouldn’t have to cut her hair off. I had dreadlocks down my back (grew them for nine years)until I decided to cut them off last year. It was a tough decision and one should not cut their hair unless they absolutely feel they need to for whatever the reason.

  47. Profile photo of Psonya

    You don’t have to be “all that” or have the best acting skills to be better than this Lily. Lily hasn’t created any sparks alongside anybody — not even Devon. Sherwood at least brought some personality and depth to the role. Watching this Lily is like watching the exact same thing over and over and over. There is nothing memorable whatsoever about her. Heck, she was supposed to be a model and even took horrible pictures.

    Blech. She’d get creamed on Girlfriends or The Game, alongside any of those actors, she’d be invisible. Sherwood would kill it.

  48. Profile photo of badass

    I do agree with miss_c to a point.

    I like this Lily she’s a good actress and she has good chem with Cane. I will say I do like the second Lily a whole lot more with it comes down to the whole Winters clain interacting with each other and she did have great chem with Daniel. Plus she had a lot more attitude which the character Lily needs.

  49. Profile photo of Brittany

    If all you gleaned from this Epi in this unrealistic, putrid S/L made watchable simply by the fine acting, where Christel Khalil gave one of the most powerful performances ever on Daytime, with Daniel Goddard doing an amazing job supporting then you missed the boat!

    For, despite this crappy Script, CK and DG as LANE continue to drive it home time and again!


  50. Profile photo of Brittany

    ITA, Pure Diva! And Victoria Rowell herself hated hen Dru was reduced to that stereotypical role!

    DS, whilst cute, was one dimensional and hardly suited for the role of Lily Winters, Abby or even Roxanne. Although she was OK for that Idiot Daniel for a quick minute, I was always anxiously awaiting the return of the REAL LILY, CHRISTEL KHALIL!

  51. Profile photo of thecourt99

    It would have been great if they took a trip to a wig shop and had a hairdresser shape the wig to fit her head, cut the wig in a nice style…wash the wig…something like that.

    But of course…where would they find someone like that? It’s obvious based on Tyra and Olivia that they don’t have anyone on staff. just sayin….

  52. Profile photo of ashang

    Cosigning your post Pure_Diva.. Daveetta was horrible…
    Christel has much more range.. Lily and Cane are a joy to watch. I hope they stay together forever.

  53. Profile photo of miss_c

    I totally agree, thecourt99. That was my original point. Lily doesn’t seem like Dru’s daughter. She barely seems related to Neil. Davetta Sherwood acted like she was related to Dru. She had better chemistry with Neil and Devon.

    As a black woman, I don’t think all black characters should be finger-snapping, neck-rolling divas. But, look at other characters. Erica and Kendall from AMC are a great example. Kendall wasn’t even raised by Erica, but she is more like her mother than anyone else. However, Bianca is still very much her mother’s daughter.

    Cristel Khalil doesn’t do that. Her portrayal is so far removed from what her TV parents are that it would seem she’s the adopted child and Devon is the biological one. I’ve never like CK’s performances. She’s too milquetoast to be Dru’s daughter.

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