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GH's Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers Weigh in on The Great Holly/Robert/Anna/Duke Debate!

Duke (Ian Buchanan) or Robert (Tristan Rogers)? Robert or Duke? General Hospital fans have debated who sexy, super spy Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) loves best ad nauseum. In Soap Opera Digest's special tribute issue honoring the soap's 50th anniversary, Hughes gave her two cents on Anna's two gents. Said the soap star:

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"I have a feeling that it probably is true what Anna said to Robert on Night Shift: 'I always thought we would end up together on a beach drinking mai tais.' I'd say to Ian, my friend, 'At the end of the day, we'll be sipping stewed peas at the SAG/AFTRA Pension Home, sitting next to each other in lawn chairs.' But I think that Anna feels that way about Robert [laughs]"  

In the same issue, Rogers fielded a question about who the love of Robert Scorpio's life really is, Anna or Holly (Emma Samms)? stated the soap diplomat:

"I hate it when I get this question [laughs]! Listen, they are two completely different women. One is adventure-minded and could kick ass, and the other could kick ass pulling a sting at a cocktail party. That's the difference, and he embraced those differences."

Who knew Robert Scorpio was so into getting his ass kicked by his love interests? Kinky. For more interviews with the legends of General Hospital, pick up your copy of SOD's special tribute issue today!

Photo credit: ABC