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Ron Hale Departs GH

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In part four of We Love Soaps'interview with Ron Hale, the actor reveals to Damon L. Jacobs hewill exit General Hospital.

We Love Soaps: What’s interesting to me is that characters on soaps do terrible things and are quickly forgiven all the time.  Mike is still on the hook for abandoning Sonny as a child all these years later.  Why is that?

Ron Hale: I can be honest about that.  They haven’t touched on this for a long time.  Mike has really been put in the background which I do understand to a certain extent.

We Love Soaps: How do you understand it?

Ron Hale: I can’t totally go into it.  But it’s the way the show is going, and that’s fine.  It’s fine because I’m getting to the end of my long run in my own mind.  Jill [Farren Phelps] knows this.  I’m going to be moving on.  Not tomorrow or anything.  But I’ve had a great run there, and I’m ready to leave Southern California.  I’ve gotta go find me a farm somewhere.  

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