The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!


Before I get started, I’ll say that not all the last batch of spoilers have played out yet, so we’re still waiting for Ridge to spend the night at Taylor’s and for Brooke to be livid about it. There’s also been no sign of the look-alike storyline. I’m looking forward to seeing those play out.

Brooke’s podcast: This sounds totally weird, but Brooke will apparently record a speech in which she praises both Rick and Ridge. Rick tampers with the recording and Ridge hears the edited version. He storms out in disgust.

Scheming Rick: When Brooke sees Rick standing up, he covers and pretends he can only walk with crutches. It’s Stephanie that discovers Rick’s paralysis is a sham, but keeps it quiet in exchange for Rick’s help to break up Brooke and Ridge. Isn’t that what Rick was intent on doing anyway?

After bending Eric’s ear, Rick is appointed the new president of Forrester Creations (I’m not sure if this means CEO of Forrester or not – I can’t remember anyone having the title “president” before). Ridge and the two stooges (Thorne and Felicia) don’t take Rick’s new position too well. They’re all such brats, aren’t they?

Taylor gets closer to her goal: Taylor and her family bond with Ridge. Phoebe also returns soon. Taylor watches Brooke performing a “sexy dance” intended for Ridge!

Katie’s insecure: When she sees Nick’s reaction to the Ridge and Brooke situation, Katie can’t help but feel threatened. Katie and Nick will have a heart-to-heart over a game of Nerf basketball. Great, huh? The mini-hoops and pistachios “love story” sure had viewers hooked the last time. She had me at “I’m terminal.”

Eric has his cake and eats it: With both Donna and Stephanie living with him and competing for his attention, Thorne steps in and tries to help Stephanie and Eric reunite.

Wedding plans end in tragedy: Not much detail on this, I’m afraid. Could it be Brooke and Ridge’s wedding? Does tragedy mean calling off the wedding? Or does it mean something worse?