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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Diane Catches Victor And Nikki In The Act!


Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight and his true love dish over the phone about how they can stand by Victoria during her time of need regarding little Lucy. Diane listens in and once the conversation is over, tries to get Victor to open up about it. Victor brushes her off and says it is family business. After, he contacts Michael and tells him if he takes on Phyllis as a client against Victoria and Billy, he can consider his services terminated! Later, Nikki swings by the ranch to discuss Victoria's situation. 

Nikki starts to head out when Victor pulls her in for a kiss and takes things upstairs! Meanwhile, Diane comes home and finds the two in bed!! Ms. Jenkins, being the slick diva that she is, doesn't show herself, but she whips out her cell and takes pictures of the two! Diane knows if she divorces Mr. Moneybags she won't get a huge pay out, so she decides the picture will be used for a rainy day and is fighting for the marriage just for the $$$. While this all goes down, Nikki continues to fight to stay sober, as Victor annuls his marriage to Diane.

Kevin/Jana/Chloe: Even from the grave, Ms. Hawkes is still causing problems for her ex and the fashionista. Jana's death proves to be mysterious, so Kevin makes the authorities investigate. Unfortunately for him, the cops bust him on the outstanding kidnapping charges and haul him off to jail. Gloria begs Chloe to tell the police everything, so her "angel" can go free, but Michael wants her to stay quiet. Chloe disregards the legal eagle's expertise and blabs everything resulting in Kevin getting into more problems.

Traci: She hits town to lend her niece Abby some much-needed support.

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