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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Threatens Julian on General Hospital

William deVry, Derk Cheetwood, Maurice Benard

William deVry, Derk Cheetwood, Maurice Benard

Anna and Paul enjoy adjoining cells. He complains that he doesn't understand why she's willing to go prison. Anna doesn't understand why he's so interested in her. Paul claims that he's in love with her. Anna scoffs at him. She says they have nothing in common and she that loathes him.

Carlos tells Alexis about the deal on the table. Alexis explains that it's not in his best interest and he should turn it down. Carlos thinks she it's because she doesn't want Julian implicated. He feels there is a conflict of interest. Alexis explains that the DA can change his mind at any time and take the deal away.

Alexis says the evidence against him is circumstantial, and thinks she can get Carlos acquitted. She mentions Sabrina and the baby. Carlos agrees not to testify against Julian.

Julian wants to know why Sonny pulled him off the street. Sonny tells him that Carlos is back in Port Charles and will turn on him. Sonny asks if Julian ordered Carlos to kill him, but Julian, once again, denies that hit.

Julian says he's out of the business and thinks Sonny is jealous that he's never been able to walk away. Sonny says he's let Julian live because of Alexis. He warns him that if anything happens to Carlos, including his death, Julian will be held responsible.

Franco gets angry and loud, which awakens Kiki. He tells Kiki about his fight with Nina, which was about her. Franco heads off to work after Kiki promises that she'll be okay alone. Kiki gets jumpy with every sound she hears. She decides to call Morgan.

Dillon finds Nina getting drunk at the Metro Court bar. She complains about her troubles with Franco. Dillon drives her home. She comes on to Dillon and takes off his shirt before passing out. Kiki sees them and believes Dillon was innocent. Dillon offers to get Nina to bed. He tells Kiki he will stay with her, but she turns him down.

Liesl tells Finn that his temporary privileges at the hospital have expired and that he can leave anytime. Carly shows up looking for Lucas to check out Josslyn. Finn offers to examine her. She tells him that she has a rash and has been sluggish. He believes that Josslyn has Fifth Disease, but offers to have some blood work done to be sure.

Mayor Lomax throws her weight around with Jordan, demanding to know why Paul was arrested. Jordan explains everything she knows. She admits that she has no evidence other than Anna's word of Paul's confession. Lomax complains that it's a PR nightmare and that demands Paul be released immediately.

Franco runs into Liesl and tells her about his fight with Nina, who resents Kiki. Franco feels Kiki needs him, but that he doesn't want to lose Nina. Liesl tells him to help Nina fill the void in her life by having her volunteer at Shadybrook or donate her time to charities.

Liesl overhears Carly thank Finn for looking after Josslyn. She gets angry about him treating a patient when he's not on staff and has no privileges. Finn counters that she's restricting him from helping someone in need. Liesl says Finn will practice at the hospital over her dead body.

Lomax releases Paul. Jordan warns him that she'll find the evidence against him.

Carlos is taken to the cells with Anna.