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Perkie's Observations: Who Can Sonny Frame For Franco's Attempted Murder on General Hospital?

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Silas tells Sam about Nina and that she may have been right in her suspicions. He wants to make things up to her. However, Sam doesn't seem interested. Later, Patrick asks if there's still a chance for her and Silas. Sam says she wants to focus on Luke.

Morgan wants Ava to go to the hospital, but she just wants the medication, which she takes. Morgan introduces her to Rosalie and Ava warns her to forget she saw Ava.

Julian is determined not to let Alexis go, but she's not interested in him. Alexis is determined to focus on someone good, like Ned.

Scotty asks Franco to join him and Bobbie for lunch. However, Franco isn't happy that Bobbie lied about Sonny and initially refuses.

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Bobbie questions Carly about Sonny. Carly admits they did the nasty again, but swears it was the last time.

Lucy horns in on dinner with Anna and Duke, then gets angry with Bobbie and Scott. Duke takes her home.

Nina leaves a nasty phone message for Rosalie, then runs into Franco. Franco comments about what he may do to Sonny. Nina doesn't believe him capable until Franco shows her internet stories about his past.

Jordan tells Anna that Morgan knows where Ava is, but that they should leave it for now.

Franco joins his father and Bobbie for lunch.

Sonny tells Shawn that they need to take care of Franco, rather than have him hold the secret over his head. Sonny figures Carly will know he was responsible so wants to find someone to pin the murder on.