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Perkie's Observations: Monica Thinks Drew Should Sip From the Well of Untapped Memories on General Hospital

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Billy Miller

Billy Miller

FrankenDrew recognizes Jason as a Quartermaine. It turns out that young Drew saw an article in some newspaper about young Jason winning a local baseball tournament. The article spoke about Jason's family, so FrankenDrew made up his own story about Alan dumping him in an orphanage to raise Jason alone.

Jason says that's not how it happened and tries to explain. Franco talks about leaving town and tells Jason to give him money for a bus ticket. Jason says FrankenDrew has a lot of people in his life like Liz, but he's tired of hearing about her.

Sam stops by to update CarSon on the Franco situation. Sam is optimistic, but Carly says things won't be any different for Franco then they were for Drew. Carly wonders if they'll have to treat Franco like a version of Drew. CarSon tell her about renewing their vows and Sam is thrilled for them.

Joss is trying to get Dev ready for school, but he's more interested in moving up in Sonny's organization. Joss is surprised when Dev knows more than she would think since he grew up on the streets.

Drew tells Monica about Franco and how Liz is devastated. Monica wonders why Drew hung onto the flash drive if he wasn't going to use it. Monica points out that Drew can use this opportunity to find out about his past.

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Drew feels it would be at Liz's expense, but Monica says he could find out more about his childhood and fill in the blanks. Drew doesn't think Franco would cooperate.

Finn tells Hayden about Franco and how Liz will need her support. Finn then mentions Sasha's illness. He wants Hayden to get tested to make sure she doesn't have the same thing since they were both at Wyndemere and Crimson. Hayden gets freaked out, but Finn reassures her it's all precautionary since she's shown no signs of the illness.

Cam's there for Liz when she gets home. She says Franco needs time and is hopeful they'll find a way to reverse the mapping. Liz says she's going to fight for Franco and get him to remember their lives. Cam wonders how they'll convince Franco to come back. Liz says they need to believe in him.

Hayden shows up and says she's moving in with Liz.

Willow tells Chase she talked to Lulu about loving cops. She admits it can be difficult and terrifying, but she's staying with him. Chase talks about how teachers are his heroes, including his father.

FrankenDrew gets angry when Jason calls him Franco. When Chase tries to stop a potential fight, Franco punches him. Chase places Franco under arrest for assaulting a police officer.