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Eva LaRue Shares COVID-19 Diagnosis

Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue (Celeste, The Young and the Restless; ex-Maria, All My Children) has been diagnosed with COVID-19. In an interview on Jacob Young (ex-J.R, AMC)'s podcast Real Conversations with Jacob Young, the Emmy winner got candid about her and her daughter Kaya's experience with the virus.

She said:

Kaya and I got exposed to COVID last week and we thought we had dodged a bullet but sure enough on New Year’s Eve we both tested positive.

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Her outlook is optimistic, though. LaRue shared:

But you know, oddly enough, Jacob, I feel like we’ve been so sick of being scared to death of the invisible monster under the bed all last year and always wondering, always looking our your shoulder. And I feel oddly enough, like, 'All right. Bring it on! Let’s just do it. We’re going to head into it.'