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Perkie's Observations: Felicia Returns Louise to Brook Lynn and Chase on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 16, 2022
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Felicia Scorpio, General Hospital

Kristina Wagner

On today's General Hospital recap: Willow doesn't understand how there could be no birth record for her, but Michael thinks Harmony has been lying all along.

Sonny shows up looking for Carly and tells Michael that she's going to do something she'll regret. Sonny admits that Carly found him with Nina and worries about making things worse. Sonny says he thought Carly had given up on their marriage. Michael can't believe Sonny would have sex with the woman who hurt them all. Sonny warns Michael to back off and show some respect to his father. Michael says Carly not showing up didn't give Sonny the green light to sleep with someone else. Michael says Sonny chose Nina over Carly.

Harmony admits to Alexis that she's not Willow's mother. She explains how she lived on a commune and another woman gave birth to the baby, then disappeared. It was up to Harmony and her husband to raise Willow as their own. Harmony says they left the commune when Willow was two and her husband paid a forger for the birth certificate. Harmony worries that Willow will hate her. Alexis tells Harmony to do what's best for Willow, tell her the truth and beg her for forgiveness.

Felicia's thrilled to meet Louise and thanks Brook Lynn for taking care of her. Felicia sees how hard this is for Brook Lynn and tells her to visit anytime. Nina's there when Brook Lynn runs off, and goes after her. Brook Lynn says it was always the plan to give Louise back and doesn't feel it necessary to share with Nina.

Willow and Nina run into each other. Nina asks about her chances with Wiley seeing as there will be no peace between her and Carly. Willow says she just wants Wiley to have a happy childhood and confides in Nina that she felt lost growing up. Nina complains about her own mother growing up and the two bond over how awful their mothers were.

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Josslyn checks in with Carly about why she's staying at the Metro Court. Josslyn wants her mother to lean on her now that Jason is gone. Carly doesn't want Josslyn worrying about her. She asks about the cabin and why the trip was cut short.

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Josslyn explains what happened at the cabin and what Esme pulled on them. Josslyn worries about Esme's spell over Spencer. Carly tells her that her marriage to Sonny is over. Josslyn is upset to hear that Carly walked in on Nina and Sonny together. Josslyn blames Nina, but Carly says Sonny is responsible for his actions.

Sonny shows up and Josslyn gives him a death glare before leaving. He says he's there to stop Carly from making a huge mistake. He wants to know what happens next and Carly says it's divorce. Sonny asks her to talk before thinking of divorce, but Carly disagrees. Carly insists that they're over and Sonny accepts it for now.

Curtis tells Portia that he wants to get a place they can live together and she agrees. (Cue Jordan coming back to town.)

Josslyn meets up with Michael to have a Sonny bash-fest. Michael says Nixon Falls has changed Sonny. Josslyn says Sonny doesn't care about Carly's feelings. Josslyn says Nina wants Sonny and won't stop until she gets him.

Mac is happy to have Louise back, but both he and Felicia agree they need to find Peter and bring Maxie home. Louise starts crying. Felicia complains that Louise doesn't know them and needs her mother.

Back at the beach house, Brook Lynn figures there is no reason for them to live together anymore, and Chase should pack his things and move out. Brook Lynn spots one of Bailey's teddies and loses it, crying while Chase hugs her and promises she'll get past this. The two are this-close to a kiss when Felicia shows up at the door. Felicia hands the baby to Brook Lynn and says she feels that Louise needs to be with them until Maxie comes home. Felicia says she trusts them both with the baby. 

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