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Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem Recap: Megan Reunites The Three Prisms Breathing Life Into Her Long Lost Love

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Recap for July 15, 2022
Megan Hathaway, Beyond Salem

Miranda Wilson

On today’s Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem recap: 

An Undisclosed Location: A doctor and nurse enter a room with a cryogenic capsule labeled DiMera Enterprises. The doctor says when Megan has the prisms, they should be able to bring the patient back. The nurse questions the patient’s brain tumor. The doctor explains the three prisms will allow them to treat HIM. Could it be?

Montreal: Hope explains to everyone that Megan Hathaway is Stefano’s daughter and was Bo’s girlfriend in high school. Megan is pissed that Hope survived the wedding. She directs Harris to take the prism from Hope’s cleavage - which he does. Megan now has possession, and wants him to kill Hope Brady. She hands him the gun and he takes aim (Harris seems very much okay despite having just been shot). Harris appears to be almost in tears (does he love Hope or is his shoulder hurting?). Just then, he faints, Megan grabs the gun, and heads out. Hope checks on Harris as Ben goes after Megan. Unfortunately, she had a chopper waiting for her and flew away.

Harris has been arrested. Hope arrives to have him sign divorce papers because they were playing each other from jump. He tells her when Megan ordered him to kill her, he couldn’t do it - he knew it was wrong. Hope isn’t moved. She got a report from Shane about how Harris kidnapped John and Steve. He tells her he’s very sorry for everything. As she leaves, he says she would have known if his feelings weren’t genuine. He thinks maybe Megan did something to him. He wasn’t always a mercenary. Does she think that Megan could have done to him what she did to John and Steve? Can Hope help him? She agrees to speak with Shane and leaves.

Hong Kong: Kayla and Marlena struggle to get loose, and are discussing Megan Hathaway. They’re worried that John and Steve will get hurt or hurt someone else.

Li is telling his guests how the prisms will revolutionize medicine under the watchful eyes of CEO Gabriella Hernandez. Just then, Wendy screams as she has been taken hostage by John and Steve. Wendy tells him not to relinquish the prism. Li gives John the prism and he leaves Steve there. Just then, Kayla arrives yelling out for Steve, which gives Wendy just enough time to escape. Steve’s sons subdue him. Wendy now has the gun and points it at Steve. (Wendy’s got some guts. I like her.) Andrew and Paul go after John as Kayla tries to reason with Steve. She tells the room about Megan Hathaway. Gabi declares Wendy is a badass. Li finally understands he has underestimated his sister. 

Wendy continues to hold a gun on Steve as Gabi gets all Gabi and thinks the gala was pretty much a success. Tripp sits in front of Steve trying to reason with him and explains that Wendy isn’t his girlfriend. Steve snarikly says that’s better because they usually end up dumping him for someone else. (Poor Tripp.) Tripp ignores the snark and works with Joey to take their father upstairs.

John is trying to leave the gala when he runs into Marlena, who tells him he’s been brainwashed. She wants him to listen to her voice and tells him how they love each other. As John reaches for Marlena, Paul and Andrew enter, and John escapes. Marlena doesn’t understand what’s happening. Paul explains everything about the prisms.

Andrew and Paul were unable to catch John. They decide that Marlena should try to deprogram Steve. She pulls a syringe out of her purse (because of course she has a syringe in her purse) to subdue him so he will cooperate. Marlena does fast work and Steve is back to normal. (Never mess with Dr. Marlena Evans.) Steve wants save John, but Kayla stops him and begins to treat the wounds on his face. Steve apologizes for scaring her. Kayla says she loves him and they kiss.

Joey and Wendy review the events of the evening while playing poker. Wendy says he sucks at poker. Joey says he’s good at other things. He says he’s going to take more control of his life and asks if he can come visit Wendy in Alaska. She’s not so keen on the idea. She would be interested, but… just then, Tripp enters. She has turned them both down. She doesn’t want to come between brothers. (The brothers have rivalry chemistry and Wendy has chemistry with both of them.)

Heaven: Bo summons Angela because he can’t get the livestream to work. She thinks he needs a break from the happenings on Earth. Angela reminds him that if he keeps watching his family, he will be tempted to interfere. They discuss how amazing it was for him to have seen Hope again. It was also a reminder of what he’s missing.

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Caracas: John delivers the prism to Megan. She adds the prism to the other two so she can finally cure her patient. Just then, Andrew and Paul crash through the door with guns drawn. They want Megan to hand over the prisms, but they will need to get beyond a gun toting John Black. Megan is unmoved by Paul and Andrew, and tells John to take care of the dynamic duo (Megan is a delicious villain). John tells Paul he won’t hesitate to kill him because he means nothing to him. Paul reviews their history and all they’ve been through. John doubles down and says all he feels for Paul is disdain. Paul lowers his gun and reminds him about the gay pride party! John Black Pride King lowers his gun and begins to relent. Just then, Megan fills the room with gas, grabs a mask and the prisms, and heads out.

Andrew goes to Paul to make sure he’s okay. He takes him by the hand as Andrew explains that he has subdued John. Paul goes to his dad who tells a silly joke and takes Paul to his chest. (Tears! I love John and Paul!)


Hong Kong: John has returned to Hong Kong (on the quickest transport known to humans) and reunites with Marlena. They get all John and Marlena and can’t wait to get home.

Gabi and Li tell Wendy that her talents are being wasted and she’s getting a promotion!

Montreal: Steve and Kayla have used John’s incredibly fast transport to get to Stephanie’s side. They want to stay with her, but she pushes them to return to Salem. She promises to visit them very soon. (NuStephanie is a hit! I love when Steve calls her little sweetness and she calls him papa.).After Steve and Kayla leave, Stephanie gets a message and says she may be returning to Salem sooner than she thought. (Yay!)

Joey and Andrew are on their phones in the lobby of the hospital. Joey is texting Andrew, and Tripp is checking in with Chanel. Actually, they were both checking in with Wendy.

Hope is at the docks with Ben and Ciara. She promises to there for her family going forward. All is forgiven! Hope says she will continue searching for Megan - this is personal. Ciara feels so lucky and proud to be Hope’s daughter. Hope says that nothing compares to the pride she feels having raised Ciara. (Poor Shawn Douglas.) As she hugs Ciara, Hope hears “Tonight, I celebrate my love for you” and flashes back to dancing with Bo in heaven. (More tears!)

San Francisco: Andrew arrives at Paul’s apartment to report he was given an award by the ISA, but couldn’t leave town without returning Paul’s gym clothes. Further, Andrew wants dinner and drinks the next time he’s in town. He also thinks Paul would make a great ISA agent. (Beyond Salem: Chapter 3?) With that, they FINALLY kiss! (Squeal!)

Heaven: Bo is finishing his ship in a bottle when Angela enters shouting to the heavens. She has gone to the higher ups and explained everything that happened with Fancy Face! Because he was willing to give up his second chance, they are going to give him a second second chance! But what does that mean?

Undisclosed Location: Megan is standing next to the cryogenic chamber wondering why the prisms haven’t already worked. The doctor explains that his body has been in a cryogenic state for many years. She needs to be patient. Megan explains how she has been waiting for forty years to be reunited with her love. They both exit the room and the doctor shuts off the lights. The cryogenic chamber suddenly opens revealing a very much awake and alive Bo Brady!

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