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Sherri Shepherd on Possible Talk Show Guests: "I'm Very Big Into Female Energy"

As Sherri Shepherd gets ready to premiere her talk show Sherri next month, she is sharing whom she'd like to interview. The daytime veteran told People:

Right now, I'm just feeling for Michael B. Jordan because he just broke up [with Lori Harvey] and he needs comforting. He needs somebody to talk to him about his next movie project, but to comfort him at the same time. So I would love for him.

She added:

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I'm very big into female energy. I want Meryl Streep and I want Michelle Obama. I want talk to them both. And if Michelle Obama can bring that guy that she's married to [former President Barack Obama]. You know that guy? That would be awesome. And I want Lizzo. Can Lizzo come on my show?

I want Lizzo to come on because I want to talk to Lizzo. I not only want her to sing, but I want to talk to her about how she got her feeling of worth and what her journey has been, because she got a lot of no's before she got yeses. And I want to inspire people with Lizzo's story. I want Lizzo to talk. And then your old school girl, Pat Benatar. I want to do a duet with her, 'Love Is a Battlefield.'"

Sherri debuts September 12.