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Days of Our Lives Recap: AllDevil Smashes Chanel's Heart Into a Million Pieces

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 8, 2022
Allie Horton, Chanel Dupree, Days of Our Lives

Lindsay Arnold, Raven Bowens

Here’s a quick recap of Friday's Days of Our Lives:

DiMera crypt: Abigail's about to enter the crypt when Chad comes upon her. She explains she followed Allie's footprints to the door. Before they check it out, Abigail gets a text from Chanel that Allie's okay. She and Chad head back to the house.

Johnny Guns is struggling against the cuffs that bind him while worrying about Allie. Andre appears and writes a "Farewell to Salem" letter for Johnny and signs it in his blood. The letter eventually finds its way to the DiMera hearth under Stefano's portrait.

Nicole's: Chanel's thrilled to see Allie come home and gives her a big hug. Chanel questions Allie's whereabouts and she tells Chanel about her run in with Johnny. AllDevil breaks up with Chanel, who is heartbroken. AllDevil says she needs time between relationships to reflect. AllDevil gives her half of the bakery to Chanel to run on her own. Chanel makes a tearful exit and cries outside the door.

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Shawn and Belle's: Belle's shocked about the paternity results. Shawn wonders if Belle's leaving him. He doesn't understand how she could walk out, but Shawn reminds her that she's not the most faithful person. He says he brought it up so she'd realize that he once forgave her for lyin' and cheatin'.

Horton Square: Ciara's concerned that the bakery's still closed. She tells him about how hard Clyde is trying, but Ben says he's trying too hard. Ciara's not comfortable with Clyde and Ben agrees to talk with him.

Ben and Ciara's: EJ tells Clyde there's a pilot waiting for him to take him anywhere. EJ offers to give him money to get started. The two are hashing it all out when Ben returns. He wants to know what's going on and Clyde says EJ's offering him a job.

After EJ leaves, Ben tells Clyde about his conversation with Ciara. He admits she's overprotective because of the baby. Then, he tells Clyde about the Devil in Salem. Clyde vows to help protect his grandchild.

Brady Pub: Belle's knocking one back before noon (we always have to be reminded of the evils of day drinking from soaps). EJ joins her and the two share a toast.

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